Real Estate Agent
Rachel has been corporately trained in the highly competitive world of NYC’s 7th Avenue Fashion Industry, where fiscal financial responsibility was met in equal part with creativity and has collectively influenced disciplines in brand, marketing, and global sales.
Relocation from NYC to the East End ‘s North Fork in 2016 expanded her passion for home & lifestyle to develop through renovation projects in England, NYC, and the North Fork with a specific focus on Historical properties, and gardens. This experience forged strong relationships with designers, architects, contractors, and builders, and a deep understanding of investment, added value, and overall Return on Investment.
Rachel’s concentration is on the Sag Harbor market, with a focus on waterfront and historically significant properties on the North Fork and Shelter Island & the Hamptons. She is the co-owner of Morgan & Kydd Studios with her husband, fine artist, and musician Andre Worrell. 

Rachel Louise Rushforth Worrell

  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
96 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963