Real Estate Agent

Judi Simonson

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker


35 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
Judi Simonson's perspective on the purchase or sale of real estate encompasses the emotional, aesthetic and financial sides of a deal. Put simply, Judi knows properties with potential. Thanks not only to her years as a resident and property sales specialist in Sag Harbor, but also to her background in finance investments. "It's important to be able to look beyond a home's beauty, or lack of it in some cases, and determine its inherent value based on the market", Judi explains. "My job is not only to find and sell homes but also to secure good value for my customers and maximize the sale experience for my clients".

Originally from Maine where she also attended college, Judi moved to Manhattan and worked as an office temp for a few years while getting to know the city and making ties. She rose to a position as head of circulation for "Institutional Investor" magazine, and liked the world of finance so much that she remained on Wall Street for 15 years in various capacities. In 1989 she took her three children, now grown, and relocated to Sag Harbor where she helped friends build a real estate business and went back to school for mediation and psychology. Judi's successful ventures also include owning and running a small caf‚ called Spots until 1997 when she sold the building and business and re-entered the real estate business.

Complimenting Judi's real estate and financial background is the work she did as a counselor and divorce mediator. Buying or selling real estate is a huge monetary undertaking, laden with all sorts of emotions. Judi strives to ease any stress and streamline the process for her clientele.

Besides enjoying her work, Judi is grateful for the opportunity to live and work in Sag Harbor. She enjoys the arts, working out at the local gym and time with her family and friends.

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