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It was no surprise to those who knew Melanie Ross when she became President and CEO of the same real estate company she had worked for since 1967. Melanie held many positions throughout the years until she and three of the firm's brokers bought the majority ownership in 1995. In no time they set about expanding Cook Pony Farm Real Estate, Inc. from a three-office entity to a 10-office operation, a feat which the team successfully made happen within the first six years. In October of 2003, the firm was purchased by The Corcoran Group, and Melanie Ross was named Regional Vice President.

Melanie got her real estate license at the age of 19 while working for a busy local office. Having lived in East Hampton all her life, she knew the territory well and never went after a listing she did not get. It was almost too easy. She decided early on that she would ultimately focus on the administration/business side of a real estate firm rather than the sales end, and it quickly became clear that her fort‚ was to serve as a "quiet," behind-the-scenes driving force. Eventually, Melanie was asked to manage the firm's flagship office in East Hampton. In her first year on the job, they experienced the largest profit ever. Melanie believes that all it took was a lot of hard work, good coaching, being up for the challenge, and effective teamwork. Most of that same team is still working in the Corcoran East Hampton office today.

Melanie Ross

  • Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Mobile: 631-252-7449
51 Main Street
East Hampton, NY 11937