Real Estate Agent

Jackie Dunphy

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


51 Main Street
East Hampton, NY 11937

Jackie Dunphy is market savvy and service-oriented who always is cognizant of the magnitude of a real estate deal, and strives to make clients feel important every step of the way. She provides honest, thorough, informative guidance to help people arrive at the best decisions possible, whether they're looking to buy, sell or rent a home. 

Born in Hollywood, California and raised overseas in Spain, Italy, Jordan, Japan and Australia, Jackie has lived a charmed international life from early on. After graduating from California State University, Northridge, she embarked on a modeling career that spanned 25 years, eventually landing her in New York. While in Japan, she worked as a newscaster on a Japanese cable channel and acted in many movies and soaps for Japanese television, as well as performed for the Tokyo Players, a Theatre Group in Japan.

After residing in New York City for 10 years, Jackie made the full-time move to East Hampton, bridging the gap between both markets where she'd developed a very extensive social and professional network. Having herself owned real estate out East, a place she considers one of the most beautiful spots in the world even after many excursions around the globe, she decided to share her passion for helping others find their dream homes there.

Besides her wealth of market knowledge and connections, Jackie has an uncanny ability to not only connect with clients, but to connect them with what they really want. She speaks five languages - Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and English - so enjoys dealing with people of all kinds.

When not hard at work, she loves spending time with her daughter. Jackie is also very community minded, and enjoys giving of her time as volunteer chairman for Junior Volunteers for the Ladies Village Improvement Society. She also volunteers at local high schools on Career Days, plus has given seminars on the business of modeling. Jackie loves skiing, badminton, hiking, boating, movies and the beach. She's also talented in jewelry making. An avid animal lover, she lives with two dogs.