Real Estate Agent

Christine Arkinson, licensed real estate salesperson at Town & County Real Estate's Bridgehampton Office, enjoyed a long-term career as Head of Operations for several large retail organizations in the Hamptons before coming into real estate.

Christine attended college in Houston, Texas before returning to New York City where she completed her degree in Marketing Management. Her educational and management experiences have enabled her to excel in several aspects of her work, including building maintenance, profit and loss control, and most importantly ensuring the best customer service experience. Her interactions with corporate-level leaders created relationships beyond her work environment. The culmination of her successes granted her the ability to prosper in the retail industry and allowed her to thrive in the ever-changing nature of Hamptons’ real estate.

Aside from her local long-term career as a manager, she found her passion and hidden talent in real estate. After successfully flipping her first piece of real estate in the Hamptons, Christine decided to contract a new build and was actively present for every phase of the construction. Making decisions from architectural adjustments to design details, she was at the forefront of her own project. After another successful flip, Christine recently completed her second new build and she is confident that it will not be her last.

Dedicated to all that she does, Christine is hard-working, knowledgeable, caring, and above all, gets the job done in a hospitable manner. Christine believes that anything is possible and is certain that her skills will help you accomplish all of your real estate ambitions.

Christine Arkinson

  • Real Estate Salesperson
2415 Main Street
Bridgehampton, NY 11932