Real Estate Agent

Vanessa Sanmartin enjoys the challenges of the market and connecting with people as she thrives as a Hamptons real estate salesperson at Town & Country Real Estate’s Bridgehampton Office.

With her eye on real estate, Vanessa grew up in Brooklyn and earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from St. John's University before achieving a Juris Doctorate Degree from Hofstra University School of Law. That blend of marketing savvy, business background, and legal acumen is key to her success in real estate which began in NYC working with luxury apartments.

In the Hamptons, Vanessa established herself as a real estate agent and set sales records. “I prepare in advance. I know my clients and customers very well. I know what they want, and I make those connections. Most important to me is that I sell what I list.”

As an avid traveler, Vanessa connects wherever she goes and speaks Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. She has successfully utilized her multilingual abilities by creating and running a profitable legal interpreting company. Vanessa has also brought her knowledge and experiences to the classroom as she teaches various graduate level business courses.

“Here in the Hamptons it’s all about the ambiance,” says Vanessa. “I love the restaurants, boating, the beaches, and vineyards.” A former Division I-A tennis player at St. John's, Vanessa continues to love the sport and plays in her free time. She also enjoys indoor cycling and has her certification as a spinning instructor.

Vanessa Sanmartin

  • Real Estate Salesperson
Mobile: 347-451-2400
2415 Main Street
Bridgehampton, NY 11932
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