Real Estate Agent

Finley Behringer

Licensed Salesperson

Douglas Elliman

2488 Main Street, P.O. Box 1251
Bridgehampton, NY 11932

Real Estate has evolved; it has recently taken on drastic changes in platforms and nuances, and with these changes shape an entirely new mold for the people that operate within the industry. 


In the past, if you wanted to buy or sell a home, you’d open up the newspaper, or walk into your local office, to find out which agent might get the best deal for you. Today, things are all done differently. Consumers are finally afforded the ability to conduct their own research online before selecting an agent. What’s more, it is estimated that 94-96% of home searches start on the web. We’ve been headed in this direction before any pandemic or crisis occurred, but the timeline has certainly been accelerated. We find ourselves in a world of virtual walkthroughs, digital property sheets, social media marketing and video conference open houses. In this transitionary phase into a new world, the realtor that can navigate both environments will find success.


When selecting an agent, there are several criteria that must be met. There are over 3,000 real estate agents on the North and South Fork alone, and over 20,000 agents that operate on Long Island as a whole. Of all these agents, who will you hire? 


Our first criterium is to address those agents who do not practice real estate as a full-time career – this field demands an agent’s undivided attention, nothing less. Next, look at those agents who do not operate year-round on the East End; many agents find themselves in different regions during the “off-season”. How can an agent help you sell or find a home in Southampton when 2-3 months of the year are spent hundreds or even thousands of miles away? Finally, it’s not enough to be technologically savvy, you need an expert. New tools are released every day, and an agent must remain on the forefront of innovation to make sure they’re providing the best service to their clients.


I was born in Southampton Hospital and raised here my entire life. My father was a real estate attorney for over 25 years and my mother is an interior decorator, both with extensive roots in the Southampton Community. I grew up in Southampton Village, but also spent time living in North Sea, Tuckahoe, Shinnecock Hills, Noyac and Hampton Bays. The Hamptons is my life and my background. Upon graduating from Plattsburgh State University, I knew immediately that I wanted to use that background to help others. I returned home and immediately started my career in real estate, working on a team of top-producing brokers in my company. It wasn’t long before I knew that I was born for this.


I looked at what it would take to be the most successful realtor for my clients. I am a full-time, year-round Hamptons local resident. Moreover, my background and expertise have been tied to technology since a young age; I recognized early on that technology would soon grow to define our era, so I felt it only natural to engross myself in the latest tools and technology at my disposal. Even more than that, at my core, I want to help people. I want to be the one that’s there for you in what could be one of the most challenging decisions and processes of your life.  I want your feeling at the closing table to be one of relief that you've put your faith in the right person.


My company began to realize my reputation, even before its necessity was apparent, as the “go-to tech guru”. I helped others in my office and industry to develop their own technological capabilities, from custom/streamlined marketing tools and campaigns to intuitive advertisements, directly reaching their target market and providing real-time results. My specialization in working with buyers and sellers began to take form, proving particularly helpful with first-time buyers/sellers in the Hamptons or with clients that want true local insight. In helping other agents, I perfected my skills to also help clients use the latest technology, both in their lives and their ventures in real estate. Millennials have oft been considered the bridge between generations in that they can communicate in both the old and new ways of business, I strive to maintain that.


What’s the easiest way to reach me? That depends on what’s easiest for you. Send me a text, message me on Facebook, Instagram or any means that is easiest to you. I use every platform in my business and will continue to expand every day. Or simply give me a call on my cell phone. My mission, as always,  is that I’m here and happy to help.



Finley Behringer